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APS wide bagger increases scope for automation

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article image The Autobag AB 255 from APS.

AUTOMATED Packaging Systems (APS), a leader in high-reliability packaging systems, has enhanced its range of Autobag bagging machines with the introduction of the Autobag AB 255, a wide bagger suitable for applications that require a bag up to 400mm wide.

The bagger, now available in the Australian market, is part of the new generation of Autobag machinery.

The Autobag AB 255 has the improved attributes of the new Autobag AB 180 including improved ergonomics for operator comfort, faster operating speeds, built-in diagnostics, increased reliability and minimised downtime.

Importantly it now makes Autobag automation available to many more end users and provides a solution for a greater number of packaging applications.

With the Autobag AB 255 APS can now provide a service to many more businesses such as clothing, mail order and direct marketing companies, fulfillment houses, including Internet fulfillment and promotional packaging.

APS says the bagger is ideal for anyone who has a need to pack large components but still requires the flexibility to pack in smaller bags when necessary.

By using the Autobag 'Bags-on-a-Roll' pre-formed bags, package size changeover can be achieved in less than two minutes.

With speeds of up to 55 bags a minute, the Autobag AB 255 is available in two configurations, horizontal and vertical, and with optional printer accessories.

Like all Autobag printers the Autobag PI 412cw is a premium in-line thermal transfer printer that makes label printing an integral part of the bagging process thereby eliminating the need for a separate labelling operation saving both time and cost.

The programmable unit prints virtually all barcodes and type fonts currently available.

The Autobag AB 255 incorporates the powerful diagnostic software 'Replace and Repair' technology and the AutoTouch operator-friendly control screen, which has been introduced into APS’ new generation of machines.

The machine has been engineered to improve productivity in wide bag applications making Autobag suitable for companies with more flexible bagging requirements.

The Autobag AB 255 has great potential to streamline medium to large volume fulfillment operations, says APS.

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