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Australis Engineering supply an extensive range of industrial Palletisers and Pallet Handling Equipment designed to suit any requirement. The range includes both linear palletisers and robotic palletisers.

Australis Palletisers have been developed to offer high speed or low speed outputs to match with your production requirements. They offer both Linear and Robotic palletisers, with the choice dependent on your production output, floor space, head space and budget. Australis palletisers work with the complete range of their infeed conveyors to suit any product type, including cartons and bags. Australis can provide a fully integrated palletising system inclusive of infeed and outfeed conveyors, pallet dispensing, shrink wrapping, labelling and bar coding and AGV's.

Australis Engineering’s palletising solutions include:

  • High Speed Linear Palletisers – Australis Engineering’s own design. Fast and reliable palletising of both loose product and cartons. In production, have achieved rates exceeding 60 pallets per hour
  • Multi-Axis Robotic Palletisers - Flexible systems ideal for lines handling many products or have a large number of pallet patterns. Suitable for cartons or bagged goods and with robots and palletising heads that are custom designed to suit your palletising cycle and product.
  • Low Cost, Mini Palletisers – Australis Engineering’s own design. The MLP range cost effectively replaces manual palletising, with a small footprint and capable of multiple pallet positions. MLP’s can palletise cartons or bags and can achieve rates 28 cartons per minute with a pick-up load of around 20kg. There are two MLP models, the MLP-10 and MLP-12; with the MLP-10 being capable of cool room and freezer operations
  • Special Purpose, Custom Built Palletisers for complex applications including palletising drums or odd shaped products

Don’t buy a palletiser that won’t integrate with your infeed and outfeed conveyors and reduce your return on investment. Australis are materials handling experts, meaning they can offer integrated palletising and conveying in a one-stop shop. They offer a full design service and coupled with their in-house manufacturing capabilities, means that your palletiser will integrate seamlessly with your infeed and outfeed conveyor systems.

Australian manufacturing is not dead! Australis manufactures it’s own palletising systems here in Australia (robots are bought in).

Australis Engineering offers pallet handling equipment suitable for both small and large operations. Their systems are modular and can be designed and manufactured to suit any layout or to meet a specific budget.

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