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Australis Engineering supply an extensive range of industrial Pallet Handling Equipment designed to suit any requirement. The range spans Pallet Conveyors, Pallet Inverters, Depalletisers, Pallet Stackers / De-stackers and Semi Automatic Pallet Wrappers.

Modular Pallet Conveyors
Australis manufactures light, medium and heavy duty pallet conveyors for both standard “Chep” and non-standard sized pallets such as “Euro” pallets. Pallet conveying systems include dual and triple chain or powered roller options. Their pallet conveying systems including turntables, transfers, pop-up stops, squaring stations, end-stops and more.

Pallet Stackers/ De-stackers
Australis manufactures its own range of pallet stackers or de-stackers that are designed to further automate your production line. A Pallet Stacker/De-stacker allows for accumulation or dispensing of empty pallets during manual handling or hand palletising or can be incorporated into a fully automated palletising line. An integrated pallet de-stacker will enable your palletising line to continue to function without the need for your operators to continuously replace empty pallets.

  • Can be used as free-standing unit for stacking or de-stacking pallets during manual handling or hand palletising
  • Can be placed over a conveyor line and incorporated in online operations
  • Suitable for multiple pallet orientations and system configurations

Toppy Pallet Inverters from Italy
Australis Engineering supply Toppy Pallet Inverters from Italy that includes stationary and portable load turners for boxes, bags and containers.

  • Loads are turned radially with rapid turning cycles for high volumes
  • Pallet is simple to change at ground level once inverted
  • Models include forklift loaded, hand trolley loaded, V guided for unstable pallets and portable Inverters that can be driven to site
  • Stationary models can be automatic and include optional pallet magazines, destackers and stackers for operator free pallet change

Semi-Automatic and Automatic Stretch Wrappers
Australis can provide a full range of automatic or semi-automatic stretch wrappers from Spanish company, Impuls. Three types of stretch wrapper are available to suit your requirements – Mast/ turntable type; Ring-type and Arm-type. Impuls stretch wrappers include the following benefits:

  • Semi automatic or Fully automatic models operating at up to 60 pallets/hr
  • Automatic top sheet dispenser for sealed weatherproof pallets
  • Twin or single pallet position semi-automatic wrappers
  • Stainless steel construction available for clean room applications
  • Can be incorporated into an existing line or can be stand-alone
  • Available with several types of bases to withstand a wide range of load weights
  • Available with customized masts for loads exceeding standard dimensions (3000 mm, 4000 mm etc)
  • A side placed carriage, available with different systems of film braking (direct, mechanical, electromagnetic and pre-stretch)
  • Control panels featuring an LCD screen and a user-friendly menu for machine operation and configuration. Including warnings and alarms
  • Suitable for special applications or operating conditions (stainless steel, ATEX, below 0ºC, etc)

Australis Engineering offers pallet handling equipment suitable for both small and large operations. Their systems are modular and can be designed and manufactured to suit any layout or to meet a specific budget. Pallet handling equipment can be easily combined with a palletiser and infeed conveyors to create a fully integrated and automated production line.

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