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New Profilium aluminium profile extrusions and accessories

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Profilium, a new venture by Australis Engineering is the exclusive Australian importer and distributor of a range of aluminium profile extrusions and accessories from Italian manufacturer Alusic.

Profilium’s product range includes aluminium profiles suitable for use in frame building, machine guarding, workstations for Class 7 and Class 8 cleanroom applications, modular conveyor systems, and powered linear guides among others.

Also known as industrial meccano, the aluminium profiles are a direct replacement for welded steel framework with several benefits including time savings, straight and perpendicular framework with no welding warp or distortion, and no requirement for painting or hot metal work on-site.

Profilium can supply aluminium profiles and accessories directly (including cutting/ drilling/ tapping to required sizes). Alternatively, the company can undertake the complete assembly of frames and systems to specific design requirements. Profilium aluminium profile extrusions can be supplied in big or small quantities.

Profilium aluminium profiles and accessories range:

Anodised aluminium profiles

  • Offers a practical alternative to steel sections
  • No welding required
  • Allows quick and accurate assembly without warping or distortion
  • Variety of connectors allows quick assembly of profile frames and structures as well as disassembly
  • Anodised finish offers protection against weathering and chemical exposure

Profile accessories

  • Hinges, handles, latches and rollers for doors, sliding panels and draws
  • Bottom accessories include screw adjustable feet, fixed floor brackets for heavy duty applications and castor wheels for mobile projects
  • Finishing accessories include end cover caps and plastic infill strips to cover slots to allow for easy cleaning

Profile connectors

  • Enables aluminium profiles to be easily connected in a variety of ways to achieve exact requirements
  • Allows simple 90° butt joints, mitre joints, angled joints and hinged joints
  • Based around bolted joints for simple use with an Allen-key
  • Allows easy assembly and disassembly, as well as design modifications

Linear guides

  • Powered or non-powered linear guides offer controlled linear motion for a variety of applications
  • Ideal for Pick and Place systems, as well as CNC router tables
  • Can be servo or stepper motor driven for precise movements
  • Includes hardened steel round bar runners, modular drive and idler units, timing belt drive and mounting slots on the sides and bottom for easy integration into framework
  • Available with various carriage options and in lengths up to 6m

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