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SMB range of strapping machines

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AUSTRALIAN Warehouse Solutions (AWS) has released the new range of strapping machines by German company, OEM SMB Technology.

SMB had been relatively unknown in Australia until the two companies formed an alliance three years ago. SMB Technology can be found in many markets.

SMB is the preferred supplier of strapping machines to all of the top 20 US newspaper companies. Additionally, it has a major news group in Australia and New Zealand supported by AWS.

The new ST1 is the most developed and reliable strapping machine in the world. ST1 is modular and has a range of unique features.

One of the most remarkable features of the machine is the lack of any service needs - the ST1 has 1 million cycles service intervals.

The SM1 is an ideal offline machine with its automatic bundle detector.

"You can put a box through it followed by a single newspaper,” said AWS Managing Director, Peter Holmes. “The machine works out what it needs to do and secures the bundles accordingly.”

SMB technology has made great inroads into the newspaper markets with ST1 in various formats. AWS has already installed a number of these units in blue chip accounts where high level automation and reliability are prerequisites.

"In these areas we have worked with end user and also conveyor and technology suppliers, with SMB equipment proving to be a great asset," continued Mr Holmes.

Another SMB import is the SMB SI1 timber machine for dressed timber, which was featured recently at Austimber in Albury.

The SI1 allows sawmillers to rapidly increase their productivity on the strapping line. At one installation in Europe the customer claimed a 150% improvement in line speed.

SMB also have a machine operating in the hay strapping market in the US.

"When this hay strapping machine is ready later this year look out - it will be faster, more reliable and cheaper,” said Mr Holmes. “This machine will become the benchmark for others to follow."

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