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Key Storage Cabinets and Management Systems from Australian Security Technology

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Australian Security Systems provide a wide range of key management systems including key storage cabinets to keep keys safely tucked away.

The rugged steel key storage has been built with highly illuminated key slots, making it easy to locate keys and maximize wall space.  

KeyWatcher Systems with Unlimited Configurations
KeyWatcher Cabinets are designed to resist abuse and are wired to alarm against tampering. The system also has limitless configurations, allowing the ability to scale the Key Management Systems as needs expand.

  • Powered by AC electricity and supported by a 48 hour battery backup power supply
  • Designed with built in RS-232 and optional Ethernet connectivity for PCs, modems, printers and networks
  • Exterior design of the storage cabinet has been enhanced to blend in with todays office environments
  • Key management system seamlessly controls and monitors keys.   
  • These systems allow you to easily identify the proper keys and to have the keys returned to any location. 
  • KeyWatcher systems easily interface with various access control devices.

KeyBank - More Storage. More Flexibility.
KeyWatcher and KeyBank can work as single key management systems or can be configured with multiple key cabinets to hold hundreds of keys.

Designed with scalability in mind, each additional unit can be controlled by a single console and monitored by the advanced Key-Pro III software. Now, it’s easy to expand as your needs grow, this is expandable to hold to 2,000 keys.

Reliability and protection
KeyWatcher and KeyBank provide a tamper proof mechanism that triggers an alarm if
  • The door is left open for more than 10 seconds after use    
  • A key is missing or not returned on time     
  • There is a power failure    
  • A key is returned by the wrong user    
  • A user forces the key storage cabinet doors open    
  • A user forcefully removes a Smart Key    
  • The alarm sound emanates from the KeyWatcher or KeyBank and can be wired throughout the facility using optional alarm relay outputs
  • An invalid User Code is entered three times consecutively, systems go into an automatic alert mode and lock down for four minutes   

Extra Protection with Smart Keys
Smart Keys are secured to a Smart Key via a locking steel ring. Identification chips provide additional security and functionality for the Key Management Systems.

When a Smart Key is inserted into a key slot within a KeyWatcher or KeyBank cabinet, the chip data is read and then recorded after a key is properly accessed or returned. 

Users can only access keys from the security cabinets with a proper User Code, as designated by their security managers. 

Australian Security Technology also provide specialised services that include full installation, maintenance and servicing, software and hardware updates and spare parts. services.

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