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Australian designed and developed, the AssetTracker™ is an all-in-one solution for solving various asset management issues such as the tracking of documents, keys, furniture and fittings. By combining the use of barcodes and data-logic scanning units, this asset tracking management system is simple and efficient to use.

Using high-tech barcode tracking technology, the AssetTracker™ streamlines tracking processes and makes for more accurate and reliable processes.

The AssetTracker™ is useful for items such as keys, furniture, documents, tools, computers, safety equipment, cars, medical equipment and many more.

Assets can be scanned in/out and provide precise information
on the spot
  • AssetTracker™ program generates reports with accuracy
  • Database holds history of each assets movements
  • Useful for restricted items such as firearms or expensive mining equipment
  • Datalogic Memor portable data collection terminals can by used with these systems to run audits without being at the central database
  • Asset lists can be downloaded onto the Datalogic Memor and be taken off-site where assets can be scanned
AssetTracker Systems
  • Desktop
    • AT-CP-01 (AssetTracker™ software, desktop barcode reader)
  • Desktop Plus
    • AT-CP-01 (AssetTracker™ software, desktop barcode reader, thermal 104mm label printer)
  • Mobile
    • AT-CP-03 (AssetTracker™ software, mobile barcode reader)
  • Mobile Plus
    • AT-CP-04 (AssetTracker™ software, desktop barcode reader, thermal 104mm label printer)
  • Cordless
    • AT-CP-05 (AssetTracker™ software and cordless barcode reader)
  • Cordless Plus
    • AT-CP-06 (AssetTracker™ software and desktop barcode reader)
AssetTracker Hardware
  • Scanners- Datalogic Memor and Heron D130 USB corded scanner
  • State-of-the art mobile technology with Touch Screen Colour and Windows CE Interface
  • Drivers Licence/ Card Readers- AT-LR-01
  • Time saving, useful for those with many users in database or frequent changes 
  • Barcode Label Printer- AT-TP-01
  • Print areas of 104 x 279 (mm) (h x w)
  • Resolution: 8dots p/mm
Other accessories available include Key Rings, Plastic Barcode Labels or Aluminium Barcode Labels. Australian Security Technology information and contact details

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