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Tsurumi submersible pumps for mine sites

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article image The KTZ411 has proved itself to be an ideal investment for the corrosive environments in mine sites.

Australian Pump Industries works in close collaboration with mining industry leaders to provide pumping solutions for mine site requirements. High volumes of water need to be constantly pumped in and around mines for washery, dewatering, processing and recycling applications.

Given the harsh conditions of mine sites, pump reliability is a major issue for mine operators. This is where Tsurumi’s large capacity KTZ411 submersible pumps, available from Aussie Pumps, provide a reliable solution to keep water moving in mines. The KTZ is an 11kW submersible pump capable of delivering in excess of 1,000 litres of water per minute at a head height of 35 metres.

These performance capabilities of the Tsurumi KTZ411 pump allow mine operators to combat the common issue of pipe silting. Over time sediment builds up inside pipes, reducing the internal diameter and restricting flow, which exacerbates the silting issue and decreases the transfer rate.

“We have proved that a high capacity pump like the KTZ411 is able to push water through with a larger flow rate. High velocity flows mean less silting, therefore, less maintenance and less noticeable drop in performance of the pump over time,” said Bennett.

Part of Tsurumi’s KTZ series, KTZ411 pumps are purpose-built to withstand abrasive conditions, leading to a considerably longer service life in mines.

Key features of Tsurumi KTZ411 submersible pumps also include 3 phase heavy duty 2 pole motors with thermal protection; heavy duty cast iron construction with high chrome wear components; abrasion resistance allowing pumps to handle variable pH levels in mine sites; anti-wicking cables and silicon carbide seals maximising performance and longevity in extremely challenging environments; and 1,000 volt option for underground applications.

“Tsurumi submersibles are uniquely built to withstand dry running conditions. The silicon carbide seals are cooled and continuously lubricated in an oversized oil chamber,” said Bennett.

Aussie’s Mining Partners Support Program

To ensure pumps are back in action as fast as possible after any problem, Australian Pump has set up a national Mining Partner network to provide local assistance to operators. This program has already proved itself a success in the industry as dealers gain specialised knowledge in selecting the right pump for the job.

For more information on Tsurumi’s KTZ series and Aussie’s Mining Partners Support Program, please visit the Aussie Pumps website www.aussiepumps.com.au.

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