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Trash pumps designed to withstand mine site conditions

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article image Aussie’s big 6” trash pump produces a whopping 6,000 litres per minute – that’s 36,000 litres per hour. Note the front opening port for easy cleanout.

The Aussie Mine Boss from Australian Pump Industries is built to withstand the harsh operational conditions of mine sites. In fact, the design of these robust trash pumps is inspired by the mining industry, where site conditions dictate that only the strong will survive. Mines can’t tolerate downtime, particularly if it’s generated by equipment that isn’t designed for tough conditions.

“Nobody ever heard the words ‘Go easy on that trash pump, Kevin’ on a mine site,” says Aussie Pumps’ Chief Engineer John Hales.

Hales realised very early that nobody would ever pick up a pump and carry it on Australian sites, where OH&S rules are stringently enforced. If a pump needs to be moved, an excavator or another piece of machinery will pick it up by the frame, take it where it needs to go and drop it, often not too gently, into the new location.

Pumps manufactured in the US or Europe were unable to stand up to the rough handling, leading to the evolution of pumps developed specially in Australia for Australian conditions.

Australian Pumps developed the Mine Boss range to be stronger, tougher and better able to deal with these difficult conditions.

Available in 2”, 3” and 4” options, the Aussie Mine Boss trash pumps feature front opening ports to enable the pump to be cleared, without breaking pipework or dismantling hoses. With these open ports, chokes can be cleaned out from the belly of the pump in a matter of seconds. No special tools are required and there’s no necessity to disconnect hoses or pipework, which is a huge advantage on a mine site.

Key features also include heavy duty high SG, non-clog open impellers and cast iron volutes; silicon carbide mechanical seals as standard; super heavy duty galvanised steel frames with integrated lifting bar; fire extinguisher, battery isolation and E-Stop as standard; and trolley mounted configuration with a bunded tray for the 4” pump.

Aussie Pumps also offers the bigger 6” trash pumps as part of the Mine Spec range, designed to deliver a whopping 6,000 lpm flow, heads of up to 47.6 metres, and impressive suction lift with the ability to draw water through a vertical lift of up to 7.6 metres.

Key features also include the reliable Deutz or a Kubota three cylinder water cooled diesel engine (in the smaller version); heavy duty trailer configurations available; fire extinguisher, E-Stop and battery isolation as standard; engine protection kits and big fuel tanks allowing up to a full 11 hours of runtime; and integrated lifting bars also fitted for trailer mounted units.

Hales says their self priming trash pumps are called ‘Quik Primes’ because they draw water faster and further than any conventional self priming pump.

According to Hales, the features incorporated in these pumps are based on actual user feedback. The Aussie Pumps office in Sydney often has people visiting from mines as far away as Kenya and PNG as well as from all around Australia.

The company also has their staff scouting mines around the country on a regular basis for ideas, problems to be solved, and lessons to be learnt.

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