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Tailor made jetter from Australian Pump Industries

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article image Aussie King Cobra is a 5000 PSI Jetter

When Adam Rotherham of Urban Plumbing Design from Sydney’s Taren Point, decided to set up a versatile drain cleaning and plumbing support vehicle, he chose an ex water board 3 tonner as the base vehicle.

The truck already had ample storage space for tools and equipment and only needed a drain cleaner to make it complete. Australian Pump Industries engineered and built a customised Aussie King Cobra Jetter on to the vehicle.

The Aussie King Cobra is a 5000 PSI jetter, designed for clearing 25mm to 150mm pipes. The Big Berty Bertolini pump, that is the heart of the system, produces 20 litres per minute flow and is powered by a 24HP Honda industrial petrol engine.

Big Berty Bertolini 5000 PSI triplex style plunger pumps are designed for long trouble free operation. The pump features oversized bearings, 316 stainless steel valves and tenifer reinforced plunger rods. Pistons are solid ceramic for long trouble free operation.

The system also includes a low pressure galvanised hose reel for low pressure supply hose to the tank and an Aussie Reel Quick, high pressure hose reel, rated for 5000 PSI operation for high pressure sewer hose storage.

The unit is protected by an ASP (Aussie Safety Protection) kit, designed to prevent the machine from overheating if left on extended bypass running and, protects both machine and operator, from pressure spikes.

An Aussie Mini Reel for hard to access chokes was part of the kit. The Mini Reel, an Australian Pump innovation, allows the operator to control the jetter from the remote workstation. Thus the operator is able to work next to the drain, without having to return to the vehicle to turn the hose on or off. This not only saves time but also makes the operation safer and enables one man to carry out the task with ease.

Additionally, the jetter can be shut down in an instant with the isolation valve mounted on the reel. A pressure gauge is also located on the Mini Reel and positions for up to 3 drain cleaning nozzles are included.

The package is completed by an Aussie Nozzle Box kit that incorporates a range of high pressure nozzles including the amazing Aussie Turbo Root Mulcher. The Root Mulcher vibrates and chops its way through tree roots unblocking even difficult chokes quickly and safely.

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