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Carver’s new 855 Series filtrate pumps solving tailing problems

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article image Carver's filtrate pump is essential for the treatment of tailing solids

Carver’s new filtrate pumps are being used on vacuum filtration equipment supplied to mines in Australia. Available from Australian Pump Industries , the new 855 Series represents a breakthrough in pump technology with a wide range of features making the pumps quite unique for this application.

The new 855 Series can be flange-mounted directly to the receiver tank to eliminate suction piping or NPSH problems. The filtrate pumps allow pumping to resume even after short periods of interrupted flow, are capable of operating in vacuum conditions of up to 650mm, and feature a specially designed semi-open impeller that assures pumping from a trickle to maximum capacity.

Rugged in design and reliable in performance, the new series can operate in tough environments.

Key features of Carver’s 855 Series filtrate pumps include flows of up to 2,900 litres per minute depending on the discharge head and speed of operation; choice of 6 sizes ranging from 1 inch to 4 inches; standard materials of construction – all iron, CD4MCu and rubber lined; overhead V-belt drive arrangement as standard with options for close-coupled or frame-mounted drives; and stuffing box with seal water connected ensuring lubrication and eliminating vacuum/ leakage. The stuffing box bore diameter is 50mm.

By utilising belt drive or variable frequency drive, performance characteristics can be fine-tuned to match most system requirements. Maintenance is simplified as the vertically split case may be disassembled to expose the entire wet area.

All the pumps are supplied with discharge flanges for 150 lb/PN 10 connections, while duplex/17-4ph stainless steel shafts are utilised to both strengthen the shaft and eliminate the need for sleeves. The impellers are keyed to the shaft and provide a secure fit and protection, even in the event of momentary reverse rotation.

The popular swing-out mount option allows inspection of the pump or quick access to the tank interior. A companion pump, the 850 Series, incorporates identical hydraulic characteristics and performance to the model 855 as a standard mounted horizontal pump with flanged suction piping to suit the installation.

The pumps are ideally suited to condensate and vacuum services where NPSH is a problem. The 850 Series is also available in 6 sizes and includes the same features as the 855 range. Heavy duty base plates and various levels of performance testing are also available.

Many of these units are already in service in mines across Australia. Full parts as well as service are available from Australian Pump Industries or associated Mining Partners.

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