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Aussie’s new diesel pump delivering high pressure and high flow

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article image This Aussie 4” diesel drive pump delivers pressure and volume

Australian Pump Industries introduces a new range of diesel powered pumps delivering both high pressure and high flow. The new 4” QPT-405SLTD diesel drive pump uses twin impeller technology to deliver pressures in excess of 125 psi and flows of up to 46,200 litres per hour.

The new pump’s ability to self-prime from depths of 7m avoids the need for the user to prime the entire suction line in order to get liquid into the pump. These self-priming capabilities are all part of Aussie’s ‘Quick Prime’ design that enables the pump to prime itself once the pump body is filled with water.

Key features of the new diesel pumps include a compact design; 3-way outlet offering the operator the choice to use one 4” delivery line or two 3” lines; pump body manufactured from non-corrosive high-grade aluminium; twin impellers made from heavy duty alloy castings operating within heavy duty volute casings; twin silicon carbide faced mechanical seals for hardwearing properties even in abrasive liquid applications; pump shaft made from high grade S45C steel for long life; and NBR (Nitrile Buna Rubber) O-rings.

The big pump is powered by a Kohler air cooled diesel engine developing 12kW power at 3600 rpm.

“We’ve designed this machine like a tank,” said Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer, John Hales. “We’ve worked with the Kohler team to apply their 425-2 engine and backed it up with a big 60L fuel tank mounted in the heavy-duty steel base.”

The skid mount has a ‘sled’ design and is fitted as standard with an integrated lifting bar that enables it to be easily moved around the farm or site. Although the pump delivers a powerful performance, it weighs in at only 245kg, or 325kg when fully packed for shipping.

The Aussie 4” pump will prime in 20 seconds from low suction heads and takes up to 2 minutes to prime from 5 or 6 metres.

The new Aussie pump is able to shift flows of up to 450 lpm at a 50m head, or around 300 lpm at a 60m head. “We expect to see a lot of interest from firefighting authorities in this pump as well,” said Hales. “It combines high performance and real user-friendly features that will make it a winner for Australian users.”

Further information on the new twin impeller QPT-405SLTD with Kohler air cooled engine is available from Australian Pump Industries or Aussie Pump Distributors throughout Australia.

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