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Aussie Pumps releases new trolley mounted Python drain cleaning jetter

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article image The Aussie Production team pump out a record run of Vanguard powered Python jetters

Australian Pump Industries has introduced a new trolley mounted model of their proven 31 LPM, 4,300 psi Python drain cleaning jetters. This big jetter is currently available in a trailer mounted version for operator convenience.

The Python was developed by the pioneer of high pressure jetters in Australia, Aussie Pumps, based on a need to clean blocked drains up to 9 inches in diameter.

The new trolley mounted version of the powerful heavy duty Python jetter features four heavy duty pneumatic tyre wheels facilitating ease of movement on site. In a static configuration, the wheels can be removed and the frame locked down onto the Ute tray or trailer bed with a unique Aussie Cobra Loc. A jetter securing kit that ensures the machine doesn’t move during transit, the Cobra Loc can be padlocked and protects the frame from stress during operation.

Key features of the big trolley mounted Python drain cleaning jetters include a specially designed Cobra frame of galvanised steel; big 30-litre stainless steel ‘break tank’ with float valve and low water cut out for pump protection; big Bertolini pump driven by a 31 hp (Big Bloc) Vanguard engine with a big muffler incorporating special baffle chambers to dampen noise even further; and a unique four-year ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini warranty in addition to Briggs and Stratton’s three-year guarantee for the engine.

Aussie Pumps’ Operations Manager, Hamish Lorenz explained that the big Vanguard 31 hp engine was chosen for the Python because of its capacity and features. The Vanguard has larger 895cc capacity, and develops more torque and horsepower at lower engine speed. It also offers lower fuel and oil consumption. A slower revving engine means less frequent oil changes and maintenance schedules as well as a lower noise level.

The Vanguard engine comes with a heavy duty Donaldson Cyclopac air cleaner, similar to the models used on earthmoving plant. Unlike other engine manufacturers that use lawn mower-style air cleaners, Vanguard has standardised on the huge 5” centrifugal multistage industrial air cleaner to provide real engine protection.

For further information on the Python drain cleaner, please contact Aussie Pumps on 02 8865 3500 or visit the Australian Pump website.

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