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Aussie Pumps launches new Pump Heart Transplant initiative

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article image ‘Dr Mal’ Patel from Aussie Pumps urges all property owners to get the health of their fire pumps checked in case of a bushfire emergency this summer
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Australian Pump Industries has launched a new initiative to encourage property owners to check the condition of their fire pumps and ensure they are prepared for fighting potential bushfires. Aussie Pumps’ new ‘Pump Heart Transplant’ initiative has been introduced as a preventative maintenance measure as most states across Australia go through a gruelling summer, creating conditions for bushfire breakouts.

The Pump Heart Transplant program offers DIY upgrade kits to property owners who need to rejuvenate their tired or leaking fire pumps.

According to Aussie Pumps Spares Manager Mal Patel, fire pumps that leak or don’t prime can fail during a bushfire emergency endangering lives and property. The ‘Heart Transplant Kit’ enables anyone with a mechanical aptitude to upgrade their pump themselves using the existing engine, for a fraction of the price of a new fire pump. Alternatively, the changeover can be done by their local Aussie pump shop.

Mal Patel, nicknamed ‘Dr Mal’ by the team at Aussie, has put together a simple guide to replacing a fire pump. Any brand of pump can be substituted with an Aussie. Patel adds that if the engine is still good, then customers can easily change the pump and get Aussie’s exceptional performance and unique 5-year warranty.

The Aussie Fire Chief, the company’s flagship product, is considered one of the best lightweight portable fire pumps in the world. Key features include a vertical lift of 7.6 metres, 2” inlet and a 3-way outlet head; and excellent flow/pressure combinations to fit spot firefighting and household protection requirements.

The Aussie Red Brigade series consists of fire pumps featuring Honda engines from 6.5HP through to 13HP. These pumps offer increased capability and the kits are available with both ¾” and 1” shafts.

For applications requiring more head, Aussie Pumps recommends the Aussie Mr T twin impeller fire pump kit. This model requires at least a 9HP engine (e.g. a Honda GX270) to deliver a whopping 95-metre head with flows of up to 500 metres per minute. It will self-prime from 7.6 metres just like the Chief.

Patel says rejuvenation kits are available for Aussie Fire Chief pumps that require only new seals. These seal kits offer better value than individual parts and are a convenient way to restore the pump's priming integrity.

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