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Aussie Pumps cuts costs on site and industrial clean up

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article image The Aussie Scud high pressure, high flow blaster has been designed specifically for cleaning down animal shelters and stockyards

A high pressure water blaster from Australian Pump Industries is being used by farmers to maintain optimal animal health through better management of hygiene.

Aussie Pumps is assisting farmers improve animal welfare by significantly reducing the price of their high pressure water blasters designed for farm clean-up.

The Aussie Scud 351 is a high flow water blaster designed specifically for cleaning down pig pens and stockyards. Delivering flows up to 21 LPM and an effective working pressure of up to 3,400 psi when used with a turbo lance, the high flow blaster is capable of washing away animal excrement from concrete surfaces, effectively flushing the area.

Powered by a 13HP Honda GX390 industrial engine with low oil protection as standard equipment, the water blaster features a heavy duty ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini triplex pump capable of developing pressures of up to 3,000 psi. The pump is adjusted down to a pump pressure of only 2,500 psi to produce extra flow, which enables efficient flushing and improved hygiene efficiency. This Italian pump is backed by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Aussie Pumps Product Manager Hamish Lorenz comments that they have reduced the prices on their range of professional high pressure cleaners due to the expansion of the manufacturing facility at Castle Hill in NSW. The bigger production runs mean these machines are leading the market in both quality and price.

Lorenz adds that the machine’s combination of high flow and high pressure enables the operator to efficiently clean and flush at the same time.

The pump is protected by a unique ASP (Aussie Safety Protection) system that consists of a thermal dump valve protecting the machine from overheating, and a safety valve. The safety valve protects both the machine and operator from pressure spikes.

Designed for operation in dirty environments, the big engine drive pressure cleaner has an ergonomic heavy duty galvanised steel trolley. The frame provides full protection for the engine and pump system while the centred balance point and large pneumatic tyre wheels make the unit easy to manoeuvre on-site.

The new Aussie Scud 351 high pressure water blasters feature detergent injection as standard equipment allowing the operator to use chemical cleaning agents to facilitate sanitised cleaning while also dramatically cutting down cleaning time.

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