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AIP to run new half-day training course

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The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) is organising a new half-day training course on labelling in July.

To be presented by Dr Carol Lawrence Phd, MAIP, the course, ‘Labelling & Matching the Label with the Package’ is being conducted by AIP in conjunction with UPM Rafalatac on Wednesday the 23rd of July in Victoria.

Course overview

The course will educate participants on how to select the right type of label to suit the package and carry the product branding from the filling and labelling line right through to the consumer. Self-adhesive labelling has evolved as the most widely used method of product decoration, being innovative and versatile for such a wide variety of packages. This half-day training course is designed to give a comprehensive guide to labelling and how to navigate through the various options available for each style of packaging.

Course objectives

The course will provide attendees with an understanding of the types of adhesives and their properties, which have been designed with specific selection criteria in mind, and are key to the selection of the right label. These include permanent, removable, repositionable and wash-off adhesives and chemical composition of adhesives and approvals for use on foods/pharmaceuticals.

The course will also provide information about how to combine the adhesive and label face to achieve optimum performance. Several topics will be discussed in detail together with case studies to illustrate the importance of considering all the key attributes of the product being labelled, including: Packaging substrate – cardboard, glass, rigid/flexible plastics; Labelling and in-service temperature considerations; Moisture or condensation whilst labelling; Label printing method and the need for the addition of variable information; Sustainable label criteria and waste management; Impact of the label on package recyclability; Compostable labels; and Tamperproof labels.

Who should attend?

This course will be beneficial to: Packaging Technologists involved in designing and sourcing both primary brand labels and labels used throughout the supply chain of a product; Brand Owners who need to be familiar with the key selection criteria for product labels that are compatible with a variety of container types, where the prime label is key to the products identity; Designers wanting to become familiar with labelling options that can be tailored to specific product marketing campaigns; and Process and Production Managers involved in automated product labelling applications.

Additional site visit during the course

The site visit component of the half-day training course will allow participants to see equipment to accurately measure adhesion, high and low speed release of the label facestock from the release liner, cohesion testing, adhesive coat weight, label face and liner physical properties such as microns/grammage, tear and tensile strength, measurement of whiteness, brightness and opacity of label stocks, and infra-red spectrometry to fingerprint adhesives. 

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