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AIP presents half-day training courses for packaging industry professionals

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The Australian Institute of Packaging is organising a series of half-day training courses on a range of subjects relevant to the packaging industry.  

The half-day training courses will cover Corrugated Boxes, Printing Technology as well as Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Barrier Materials, and will be presented by leading industry professionals.  

Introduction to Corrugated Boxes Half-Day Training Course  

Presented by Ron Mines MAIP, this half-day training course will cover the basics of papermaking for the box industry, progressing through the conversion of paper and other materials into the finished corrugated box used for the marketing, safe storage and transportation of virtually every type of product.  

This half-day training course is recommended for people from all aspects of packaging, including students, technologists, designers, QA/QC, purchasing, marketing and logistics.   

  • Date: Wednesday 15th of February 2012
  • Place: Plant Research Centre, Urrbrae SA

Introduction to Print Technology Half-Day Training Course  

Presented by Andrew Readman, this course aims to provide participants with a basic understanding of problems likely to be encountered in each print process, and equipping them with adequate information to be able to have an informed discussion with the printer on specific requirements and needs.  

This half-day training course is suitable for packaging technologists, packaging designers, people involved in print sales and marketers.  

Queensland, Australia   

  • Date: Friday the 9th of March 2012
  • Place: Mt Ommaney Lodge, Mt Ommaney, Queensland

Auckland, NZ   

  • Date: Monday the 2nd of April 2012
  • Place: BNZ Highbrook Partner Centre, East Tamaki, Auckland

Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Barrier Materials Half-Day Training Course  

Presented by Emeritus Professor Harry Lovell OAM, FAIP, this half day course will cover modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and its application to fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, followed by the functional attributes of MAP films.  

Highlights of the half-day training course:   

  • Role of Active Packaging (antimicrobials, antioxidants etc.) including recent developments and future projections
  • Nanotechnology and its applications covering film inclusions (nanofibres and nanoclays and their use in MAP)
  • Advances in polymeric films including sustainability
  • Technical assessment and monitoring of modified atmosphere packs
  • Recent scientific opinion from EFSA on the risk assessment of the application of nanoscience and nanotechnologies in the food and feed chain

The half-day training course is designed for anyone with interest or involvement in the use of MAP and barrier materials.  

  • Date: Wednesday the 14th of March, 2012
  • Place: Oatlands Golf Course Club House, Oatlands, NSW

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