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Safety products and hand cleaners from Australian Industrial Abrasives

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Safety products, tapping compound, hand cleaners, polishing mops are various product offered from Australian Industrial Abrasives . Hand cleaners from Australian Industrial Abrasives include eliminator, protecta grit, scrubs, protecta pink and stainless steel cleaner and polish.

Stainless steel polishes and cleaner cleans grime and grease marks from stainless steel products. Steel coated polishing oil provides protective coating on stainless steel products and prevents contamination from the environment. Eliminator is a resin hand and paint cleaner which is formulated to remove enamel and acrylic paints, epoxy resins and marine anti foulings. This eliminator is biodegradable and it is free from petroleum distrillate solvents.

Australian Industrial Abrasives offers safety products including gloves, masks, muffs and ear plugs. Masks offered are available in various size and types. Respiratory masks offered are available in two classes. Class P1 respirator is ideal for preventing airborne particulates like silica and asbestos. Class P2 is used for preventing fumes released during oxy cutting and welding.

Gloves are also available in various types including leather gloves, polisher’s gloves, terry cord gloves, safety masks, welding gloves. Polisher’s gloves are general purpose glove which come with reinforced palm, thumb and finger. These gloves are ideal for metal polishers and it protects the hand from heat generated.

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