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How to fight corrosion in the oil and gas industries

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article image Drill bit and pipeline segments on an oil exploration rig (Copyright: nitimongkolchai/ 123RF Stock Photo)

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Corrosion is a common problem in the oil and gas industry, given the harsh environment and conditions these facilities are exposed to, every day. Oil and gas companies invest large sums of money in the design, construction and operation of pipelines, processing facilities and support infrastructure around the world to meet the increasing demands of an expanding global economy.

Corrosion will affect this infrastructure at varying rates over time, depending on the material, types of corrosive agents in the environment and the physical processes and mechanisms involved. Aging or damaged infrastructure presents many challenges to the industry and regulators worldwide, with the corrosion and the resultant degradation costing the industry millions of dollars in repair and replacement.

It is imperative that the oil and gas industry implements effective corrosion control strategies, taking advantage of new developments in protective coatings technology to reduce the overall cost impact of corrosion. Some of the latest coatings function as physical barriers and corrosion inhibitors. Corrosion inhibitors are released when a surface becomes damaged or is exposed to a corrosive environment.

The Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA) works with industry and academia to support research into all aspects of corrosion and develop an extensive knowledge base that supports best practice in corrosion management. The Association ensures all impacts of corrosion are responsibly managed, the environment is protected, public safety enhanced and economies improved.

The ACA is also involved in knowledge dissemination of all aspects of corrosion mitigation through regular seminars. The next seminar is being hosted in New Plymouth on 27 August.

ACA will discuss the latest developments and best practices in materials engineering and corrosion control in onshore and offshore environments, with particular emphasis on upstream and downstream operations, refining and distribution, pipeline operations and chemical processing.

Participants from the oil and gas and chemical processing industries including asset owners, project and integrity engineers, operators, inspection and maintenance personnel, contractors, and suppliers will have the opportunity to share their experiences, discuss solutions and explore new technologies for preventing corrosion.

Places are still available for the seminar and bookings can be made via the ACA website at www.corrosion.com.au.

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