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First internet enabled RTU with Linux

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SIXNET distributor ATS has announced the introduction of VersaTRAK IPm, the world's first internet-enabled RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) with the flexibility of Linux.

This industrial module is designed for rugged industrial ratings (UL, CSA, CE, DNV, and Zone 2). It's an applications-ready RTU in a Windows environment.

ISaGRAF enables programming applications in any of the five IEC 61131-3 languages either individually or in combination. It has an embedded web server, unlimited I/O expansion, datalogging and timestamping and stand alone control of remote sites.

VersaTRAK IPm can be used as an open platform for customer's Linux-based applications and is equipped with Linux open-source tools. Special I/O drivers or Linux application programs can be added to meet future requirements.

It is an open and versatile RTU that meets the demand for communications from Ethernet to radios, multi-user connectivity and advanced programming.

Though it is built-on the open Linux operating system, no knowledge of Linux is required in most applications. All existing ISaGRAF user programs will load and run in an IPm without any changes.

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