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Connecting IT systems with real-time control

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ATS International's new OPC SQL Agent supports easily configurable off-the-shelf transfer from any OPC compliant device to a database.

It supports multiple OPC servers simultaneously and allows definition of the exact data to be transferred. The selection of relevant data is no longer part of the application.

There are two versions of the agent:

· OPC SQL Agent.

· OPC SQL Agent Professional.

The professional version supports message queuing with MSMQ to transfer data to a database server. It also allows configuration of each OPC SQL Agent through MSMQ using simple database stored procedures.

All communication leverages standard XML and SOAP formats.

The agent software tool transfers data safely, securely and accurately between top-level information systems and real-time control systems.

Utilising the latest Microsoft technology and industry communication standards the agent can be considered a major advancement in any database application, which requires direct interaction with real-time control systems.

Top level ERP systems can now be easily connected to control systems. with actual data now available rather than planned data.

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