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Atlas Copco launches innovative drill products at AIMEX

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article image Pit Viper PV-275

 Atlas Copco Construction and Mining Australia will focus on innovation with the Pit Viper PV-275 multi-pass blasthole drill rig, high-productivity COP3038 rock drill and ROC D9 Silenced SmartRig, on Stand 316 during AIMEX 2007 – Asia Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition, to be held at Sydney’s Olympic Park from September 4 to 7, 2007.

The PV 275 Pit will go on display at an Australian mining expo for the first time. Ideally suited to overburden drilling, the PV 275 tophead-drive, track-mounted unit can drill to about 195ft (via a 4-rod carousel with 40ft rods) and deliver bit load force up to 311.4kN. Standard drill pipe diameter is 270mm.

The fast rockdrill, the 30kW COP3038 provides penetration rates of up to 5,3m/min in granite in tunnelling, drifting and room-and-pillar mining applications, with a hole range of 43-64 mm. The new high frequency technology (102 Hz) increases penetration rates by up to 50% without compromising drill steel life. A new double sealed flushing chamber handles water pressure up to 40 bar, and protects against water and dirt intrusion. Despite its productivity gains, the COP3038 is lighter and shorter than its predecessor, and has 10% less moving parts. It has an impact pressure of 200 bars.

The ROC Silenced SmartRig can work up to 1km closer to population than other similar rigs, and also has a Hole Navigation System that allows automated hole drilling after initial set-up.

The Measure While Drilling (MWD) feature allows a number of key parameters to be logged at nominated intervals while drilling, providing data that can be analysed in ROC Manager drill planning and control software. The Automatic Feed Alignment and Automatic Rod Adding System features set the feed to pre-defined angles and drill automatically to a given depth, increasing rig productivity.

A laser receiver can be used for depth control. A Long Feed option accommodates a single 20ft starter rod and a 14ft rod in the rod adding system, eliminating rod changes for hole depths up to 20ft. The Smartrig has 30% less hoses and hose length, 10% less cable and 60% less conductors than its predecessor, significantly reducing the downtime potential. It also uses 30% less fuel.

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