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COP 1240 rock drills from Atlas Copco compressors Australia

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article image The COP 1240 rock drill

As well as a full range of industrial compressors, Atlas Copco compressors Australia also provides a variety of tools for mining, including COP 1240 rock drills.

These robust and reliable tools have been specifically developed for surface drilling applications, and are based on a refined design of previous models in the range, with added features that assist in minimising the risk of serious and costly downtime while in operation.

COP 1240 rock drills feature a larger driver when compared to earlier models, which increases the service life of this exposed component, and helps to reduce wear and keep operational costs low.

They also partially comprise the same scale components used in larger COP 1840 rock drills, making for a hardwearing tool that is well suited to demanding production drilling applications.

In addition, the drills can be rapidly and easily adjusted to exploit available power in the most efficient way, with three different stroke settings ensuring an optimal penetration rate, whether operators are drilling through soft or hard rock.

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