Compressed Air Piping System for Quality and Efficiency of Air Distribution from Atlas Copco Compressors


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Atlas Copco Compressor Technique has an innovative modular piping system. AIRnet® is designed for quick assembly and to ensure minimum pressure drop for maximum energy savings. AIRnet® compressed air piping systems is suitable for compressed air and inert gases such as nitrogen.

Quality and efficiency of air distribution for superior productivity
Made from robust lightweight aluminum tube, and designed to be easily and quickly installed, the AIRnet® system reduces installation time and costs. With a large selection of fittings, AIRnet® can be used to extend existing pipe work systems or to supply complete installation solutions.
  • Aluminum pipes maintain a minimum pressure drop throughout the air distribution system, avoiding pressure losses and reducing power consumption
  • The non-corrosive properties maintain a constant air quality from the compressor room to the production equipment
  • System cleanliness protects downstream equipment from contamination. The compressed air pipe is coloured blue to make it easily identified from any angle
  • Modular concept design contributes to reduce leakages in the network and enables AIRnet® to be reused to adjust installation, modify the network geometry and extend the pipe network
Durable Pipe fittings made from the highest quality materials
The AIRnet® compressed air piping system offers a range of powder-coated aluminum pipe, engineered polymer and aluminium fittings, with associated assembly tools to cover the nominal pipe sizes from 20 to 100 mm or the equivalent ¾ inch to 4 inch nominal pipe sizes.

AIRnet® is compatible with most types of compressor oils and can be submitted to a working temperature from -20°C up to +70°C, and pressures up to 13 bar and 16 bar in 100mm.

With the AIRnet® compressed air piping system, Atlas Copco is commitment to supplying high customer value, by providing complete energy efficient quality air solutions from air generation to point of use. Furthermore, to define exact customer requirements, Atlas Copco have developed a 3D design software program to enable instant network visualisation, providing detailed views of how your installation will look. Atlas Copco Compressors Australia information and contact details


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