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Pumps and lightings from Rola Chem Australia

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Rola Chem Australia  is a company which distributes swimming pool and spa equipment. Rola Chem Australia offers swimming pool and spa equipment for a wide range of application including resort and competition pools, residential inground pool equipment and above ground pool equipment and spa pools.

Rola Chem Australia offers pool equipment including heaters, pumps, filters, waterfalls, lighting, fibre optic lightings, salt chlorinators, chemical dosing system, pool cleaners, spare parts, plumbing accessories and fibre optic lightings.

Rola Chem Australia offers heaters including Viron Gas Heaters, MX Gas Heater, JX Gas Heater, DX Heat Pump, HX Gas Heater and WX Gas Heater. Rola Chem Australia offers pumps including Victoria Pump, Maxim Pump, BX Pump, TX Pump, CX Pump, FX Pump, E-Series Pump and LX 300 Pump. Rola Chem Australia offers filters including Cantabric Sand Filter, Berlin Sand Filter, RX Media Filter, E-Series Media Filter, GX Cartridge Filter, ZX Cartridge Filter, IX Leaf Canister and M3 Filter Media. Rola Chem Australia offers waterfalls including Silkflow Waterfall, Cascade Waterfall and Illusion Waterfall.

Lightings from Rola Chem Australia include Low Voltage Lighting, LV200 lightings, LV100 Lighting, WN250 Lighting and SE3 Lighting.

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