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Pool cleaners and airside products from Rola Chem Australia

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Rola Chem Australia  offers pool equipment, hydronic heating equipment and airside products. Rola Chem Australia offers airside products include fan convectors, space saver convectors and spare parts. Rola Chem Australia offers AS - High Static Fan Coil Units. Rola Chem Australia offers fan coil convectors including Console, Ceiling and Hideaway. Rola Chem Australia offers space save convert Rola Chem Australia ors including Wall Mount Space Saver and Kickboard Space Saver.

Rola Chem Australia offers swimming pool and spa equipment for a wide range of application including resort and competition pools, residential inground pool equipment and above ground pool equipment and spa pools.

Rola Chem Australia offers salt chlorinators including VX Salt Chlorinator and KX Siesta Salt Water Chlorinator. Rola Chem Australia offers pool and spa products including Semi Automatic Dosing Pumps and Automatic Controllers for ORP. Pool & spa controllers from Rola Chem Australia include Genus Heater Remote, Genus II FM Remote, Genus III Pool & Spa Controller, Genus IV Pool & Spa Controller and Plus 4 - Pool and Spa Controller. Pool cleaners from Rola Chem Australia include Dolphin EasyKleen Pool Cleaner, Dolphin SuperKleen Pool Cleaner, Dolphin UltraKleen Pool Cleaner, Anaconda Pool Cleaner, Kadet Automatic Pool Cleaner and Pool Pirana Automatic Pool Cleaner.

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