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Comprehensive network inventory solution

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ALLOY Network Inventory is a comprehensive network inventory solution for automatic audit and flexible analysis of the detailed hardware and software information from all the computers on a network.

Available from Asmarina , this budget-friendly and easy-to-deploy audit solution provides accurate and up-to-date information, all in a matter of minutes.

Alloy Network Inventory's audit agent is flexible and easy to configure and can be quickly deployed.

Regularly scheduled audits will provide a complete, in-depth inventory of the entire network on an ongoing basis.

Using the On-Demand Audit feature, an immediate audit can be requested of any or all remote workstations by their computer name, IP address, or a range of IP addresses at any time.

Alloy Network Inventory empowers your entire IT to:

* Establish tight control over the entire PC inventory.

* Plan effectively for OS migrations and application upgrades.

* Set realistic timelines for hardware upgrades.

* Achieve more strategic goals.

* Manage organizational changes proactively.

* Streamline inventory reporting and publishing.

* Simplify troubleshooting with remote administration.

* Save time and money.

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