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Asbestos waste management services from Asbestos & You

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The Level 1 - Asbestos Awareness course conducted by Asbestos & You provides tradespersons and workmen with a better understanding of Asbestos and its effects on health and the rules and regulations guiding them.

This course answers common questions like the safety aspects of working with asbestos, who to contact if a person feels that he has an asbestos related disease, the aim of the asbestos policy, the contents of the asbestos register and many other questions.

The Level 2 - Working With Asbestos course from Asbestos & You will enable a person to, among other things, visually identify asbestos products and the risks associated with them and define friable and non-friable materials. This course like the other courses allows the participants to download course notes as a workbook reference. These Course Notes refer to all aspects of the training.

The Asbestos Sample Tag n' Bag Pak from Asbestos & You can be used when customers suspect that they have Asbestos containing material in the home or work area. This pack includes instructions for safe collection of materials and an order form for processing the collected samples, an approved face mask with instructions for using it and sampling bags.

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