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Asbestos removal and asbestos awareness services from Asbestos & You

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Asbestos & You  was formed by the Carter Group to work with the home owner and educate them about the dangers to themselves, their friends, families and workmates, from exposure to asbestos.

The Asbestos Awareness Campaign is being carried out Australia wide by Asbestos & You to educate people in this regard. Asbestos & You promotes asbestos awareness nationally and develops and provides the products and services necessary to promote asbestos awareness.

For the past five years Asbestos & you has been providing valuable services to the community in Australia in terms of raising the level of awareness about the dangers of getting exposed to asbestos.

Asbestos & You also conducts a number of courses for both the commercial as well as the domestic sector in Australia in order to promote asbestos awareness. Home Asbestos Identification Pak from Asbestos & You is a course for the home owner and includes information that helps in identifying any potential asbestos containing products in the house.

The How To Do It Instruction Guide is meant for people who plan to work with asbestos products and contains guidelines for safe handling of such products so as to minimise the health damage to the worker.

A number of signs, suits and face masks are available from Asbestos & You to protect people from ill effects of asbestos when they work with them.

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