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Asbestos disposal packs from Asbestos & You

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The Asbestos Safety Pak from Asbestos & You is an essential tool to minimise exposure to airborne asbestos fibres when working with products containing asbestos. The Asbestos Dust Protector Pak from Asbestos & You is designed specifically for use when drilling asbestos containing materials. A spray bottle is used to generate a fine mist to arrest dust and airborne particles. This pack also contains a P2 safety mask and a labelled disposal bag.

The disposal packs from Asbestos & You contain the items necessary to dispose off asbestos after its collection. The Emergency Pack from Asbestos & You contains all the items needed to take care of an emergency situation in a house.

The Top Up / Starter Pak 1+1 from Asbestos & You is ideal for maintenance jobs involving two or more people and contains a face mask and disposable suit. A number of masks are available from Asbestos & You to take care of the needs of people working with asbestos products.

Sample analysis packs for one to three samples are available from Asbestos & You. Using these sample packs customers will be able to request for tests of their samples from a laboratory and get a verbal as well as a written report regarding the absence or presence of asbestos in their samples.

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