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Arrow Scientific understands that food allergens can be a costly risk for any food manufacturer, from cross contamination of allergens in food production to those found naturally in raw material. Identification of any potential food allergens can prevent compromised products reaching your consumer and also expensive company recalls. 

A fundamental to any solid Food Allergen Management Program for a food manufacturer is to identify any potential allergens or optimally, none at all.

Arrow Scientific offers the AgraQuant® Allergen ELISA Kits and AgraStrip® Allergen Test Strips to ensure laboratory standard results to food allergen testing.

Real time testing for food allergens
  • AgraQuant® Allergen ELISA Kits and AgraStrip® Allergen Test Strips use real time testing with on-site lateral flow methods for immediate results for faster management and strategy implementation
  • Simple to use, Arrow Scientific kits need little training for the right results everytime
Allergen testing available at all times and on all materials
  • Arrow Scientific test kits can be used on raw materials, in-process material, finished products and liquid samples for all round safety in any food manufacturing process
  • Any surface can also be swabbed so that anywhere your products contact is confirmed as allergen free
  • The all-in-one Arrow Scientific Food Allergen test kits come with everything required and when stored at ambient temperatures can be used immediately
Arrow Scientific’s AgraQuant® Allergen ELISA Kits and AgraStrip® Allergen Test Strips offer food allergen safety analysis necessary for any food manufacturer with fast and accurate results. Arrow Scientific information and contact details


Question: 14/11/12 - The allergen kits are specific for allergens in food products such as gluten, peanut, egg, milk and various nuts plus others. Arrow Scientific has separate ... read more

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