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Petrifilm plates  from Arrow Scientific, offer simple and approved food microbiology tests for raw materials, plant materials and finished products. Commonly known in the industry as the 'Post-it Notes™' of the rapid food microbiology field, petrifilm plates can streamline testing processes and improve productivity and quality assurance. 

Sample ready plates for raw materials

Petrifilm plates are playing card size, sample ready plates that enable food processors to easily and efficiently perform on site bacteria testing

Food Microbiology Test Results in less than 4 hours

  • Fast - No media preparation or validation required  
  • Efficient - Saves time, labour and space, all of which saves you money
Accurate results
  • All Petrifilm plates are manufactured using ISO 9000 certified operations and strict quality control procedures to reduce media variation
  • A built in grid facilitates counting
Other benefits are:
  • Petrifilm have an extended shelf life compared to prepared media
  • Petrifilm takes reduces the need for large storage or disposal areas
  • Most Petrifilm plates are recognized as AOAC Official Methods
  • Tests include Total Plate Count, Total Coliforms, E. coli, Yeast and Mold, Listeria, Staph aureus and Enterobacteriaceae
  • Petrifilm come with QA certificates
Petrifilm can be used for HACCP testing of products or for environmental monitoring. Petrifilm is also useful for Verify Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) program. Arrow Scientific information and contact details


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18/04/11 - These bacteria testing plates have been designed to identify four of the most common contaminants in beverages: heterotrophic count, coliform, yeast and mold, and enterobacteriaceae.
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29/10/10 - The VitaFast vitamin test kits have been designed to reduce hands-on, manual time when compared to traditional microbiological testing methods
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26/10/10 - The 3M Petrifilm Yeast and Mould Count Plates allow users to identify accurate yeast and mould populations in 3-5 days.
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25/10/10 - The 3M Petrifilm Plates are compact, sample-ready plates that allow food processors to easily and efficiently perform onsite microbial testing of raw materials, plant environments and finished product
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01/02/10 - Now available from Arrow Scientific, the PocketSwab ATP hygiene monitoring test is ideal for use in industries where rapid detection of possible food contamination is critical.
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