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Two-switch clamped PWM converter

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MAXIM Integrated Products, represented by Arrow Electronics , has introduced the MAX5042, a two-switch, clamped, PWM converter with integrated hot-swap controller.

This device simplifies the design of small, high-performance, isolated power supplies by integrating high-side and low-side power MOSFETs with a hot-swap controller.

The hot-swap controller limits inrush current for applications where the power supply is hot-plugged into a live backplane.

The two-switch topology lowers the voltage stress on the power MOSFETs when compared to the commonly used ground-referenced, single-switch topology.

This eliminates the reset winding, which optimises the design of planar isolation transformers.

The MAX5042 operates over an input voltage range of 20V to 76V and is suited for stepping down a 48V bus to lower voltages in telecom, networking, and server applications.

The switching frequency can be externally set to over 500kHz. The MAX5042 implements both flyback and forward converter topologies with voltage-mode or current-mode operation.

A look-ahead PWM signal allows secondary-side synchronous rectification. Power supplies designed with the MAX5042 are capable of up to 50W output power at over 90% efficiencies.

Internal high-voltage startup regulators, external frequency synchronization, remote shutdown, and thermal shutdown are included. The MAX5043, a companion product, is available without the hot-swap controller.

Rated for operation over a wide -40°C +125°C temperature range, the MAX5042 and MAX5043 are available in a thermally enhanced 56-pin QFN package.

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