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Synchronous switching controller in SOT-23 package

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article image Includes short circuit protection.

NATIONAL Semiconductor Corporation, represented in Australia by Arrow Electronics Pty Ltd , has launched the industry’s first SOT-23 synchronous buck switching controller, the LM1770.

This efficient controller uses constant on-time control, making it easy to employ because it does not require external compensation.

The LM1770, packaged in the tiny SOT23-5, provides low-voltage point-of-load regulation from standard 5V and 3.3V rails in space-constrained applications such as set-top boxes, cable modems, digital video recorders and printers.

This versatile solution also replaces switching regulators and LDOs in enterprise server and point-of-sale applications where efficiency is crucial.

Features of the LM1770 include:

* Constant on-time control - Easy-to-use topology that requires no external compensation

* Synchronous operation - High-side PFET and low-side NFET enable higher efficiency, resulting in reduced power dissipation

* Fast transient response - Allows for fewer or smaller filter capacitors

* Input voltage range of 2.8V to 5.5V - Ideal for point-of-load regulation from a 3.3V or 5V rail

* Output voltage as low as 0.8V - Supports applications requiring less than 1V power rails

* Internal soft-start - Limits in-rush current and allows for a controlled start-up

* Short circuit protection - Prevents damage to the application

* Three on-time options - Allows for selection of operating frequency range

* Small SOT23-5 package - Ideal for space-constrained applications.

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