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Low-jitter, crystal-stabilised clock generator

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DALLAS Semiconductor, represented by Arrow Electronics Australia Pty Ltd , has launched a crystal-based clock generator, the DS1080L.

It has an integrated phase-locked loop (PLL) to generate clock outputs and three pin-selectable multiplier rates and three dither magnitudes to reduce EMI.

The device’s cycle-to-cycle jitter is a low 75ps. To conserve power, the DS1080L has a spread-spectrum disable mode and a power-down mode.

When used with a low-cost 16MHz to 34.4MHz crystal, the DS1080L can generate 16MHz to 134MHz output frequencies with pin-selectable integer multipliers of 1, 2, and 4.

Pin-selectable centre-spread dither magnitude choices are 0% (disabled), ±0.5%, ±1.0% and ±1.5%.

The spread-spectrum dither rate is fixed at fIN/1024 to keep the dither rate above the audio frequency range. Using the spread-spectrum for the system clock can simplify or eliminate shielding and filtering, thus reducing cost and minimising design time.

The DS1080L offers 3.0V to 3.6V operation over the automotive temperature range of -40°C to +125° C. It is available in a tiny 8-pin microSOP.

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