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Dual SiGe mixer reduces cost, space

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MAXIM Integrated Products, represented by Arrow Electronics , has introduced the MAX9981, the industry's first active SiGe mixer to include an LO switch and splitter, 2 LO buffers, and on-chip baluns - all in a dual package.

This mixer is specifically designed to meet the requirements of today's cellular and GSM900 wireless infrastructure applications.

The MAX9981 provides 2dB of conversion gain, 12dB of noise figure, and 26.8dBm of IIP3 performance, while replacing 2 mixers, 4 amps, 3 baluns, an LO switch and splitter, plus dozens of discrete components.

This integration reduces the overall size and part count of the mixer circuit by 2.5 times and 52 per cent, respectively. In addition, the MAX9981 increases production yields while simultaneously providing a more ESD-reliable solution than other GaAs alternatives.

The MAX9981 is ideal for 825MHz to 915MHz GSM, cdma2000, TDMA, and iDEN base-station applications where high linearity and low noise figure are required for receiver designs.

Since the device provides more than 2dB of conversion gain, the designer can eliminate a complete IF amplifier stage within the receiver lineup. On-chip RF and LO baluns and built-in matching circuits accommodate single-ended 50 ohms terminations.

The integrated LO switch supports GSM frequency hopping, and switching speeds of <250ns are typical with >50dB of LO-to-LO isolation. The on-board LO buffer provides ±5dB drive variance control, yielding stable G, NF, and IIP3 performance over temperature, supply, and input power.

The MAX9981 has a gain spread of ±0.6dB from nominal at room, and -0.0135dB/degrees Celsius over temperature. The IIP3 spread is similarly impressive at ±0.5dB over temperature.

The MAX9981 is available in a 6mm x 6mm 36-pin QFN package that is fully qualified for direct PC board mount.

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