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Energy saving solar solutions from Armada Solar

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Generating electricity from the sun is an excellent way for people living in cities to reduce their electricity bills. Armada Solar supplies solar systems that are fixed on the roof and generate electricity from solar power.

Customers can also claim credits from the electricity companies by feeding the solar generated electricity from the solar powered electricity generators into the national grid via an inverter. This saves money for the customer and allows him to recoup the cost of setting up the solar electric generator fast. The energy saving solar solutions from Armada Solar help reduce the customers energy bills this results in substantial savings in money at the same time protecting the environment.

The solar electricity generated by the solar electricity generator is fed through the main electrical distribution panel in the house can be used by any light and appliance in the house just like electricity from the local utility.

Installing the photovoltaic panels from Armada Australia also entitles the customers to get rebates under the Photovoltaic Rebate Programme run by the Australian Greenhouse Office. The renewable energy systems supplied by Armada Solar can be installed in both commercial as well as in domestic houses.

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