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Testing gas equipment available from Arc Industries

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Arc Industries ’ main concern is safety and that is why it complies with Australian standards everyday. ARC offers a full range of products and services that meet standards Australia approval.

Important facts:

All gas items should be marked by the manufacturer with their mark, supplier logo or name.

Tips, nozzles and attachments must be marked for the manufacturer and the model number and be supplied with information for their safe and efficient use (i.e. flow pressure data, minimum safety information). Safety devices should comply with AS 4603.

Cylinder trolleys must be fit for purpose, be stable in operation and carry a maximum of one (1) oxygen and fuel cylinder that must rest securely on its base.

Acetylene cylinders must be upright and consideration must be given on possible discharge of any safety devices.

What Arc Industries does under AS 4839-2001testing procedures?

  • Check regulators test for internal and external leeks and creeping
  • Use a specially designed machine to test Flashback arrestors, through flow and reverse flow
  • Hydro test hoses, cutting, heating equipment and hand pieces
  • Date tag is applied to show date of testing on all passed equipment
  • A detailed report of what has been checked, showing passes and fails of equipment and the reasons given
  • Provide all information user needs to show that their company is complying with Standards Australia and
  • Reminder sent in six (6) months to have the equipment rechecked

Welding and gas hose: specifications have changed significantly since 1995.

The new colours are now:

  • Inert - Black
  • Oxygen - Blue
  • Acetylene - Red and
  • LPG – Orange

Hose lengths also have been restricted to fifteen (15) meters in length.

Use of safety devices:

It is fully specified that at least one safety device must be fitted in each, oxygen and fuel gas stream.

AS 4603 states that the safest option is to fit flashback arrestors at both ends (blowpipe and regulator).

Equipment maintenance:

The standard emphasises the importance of equipment maintenance and refers to these two points:

  • User inspection, basic features at every use
  • Regulator inspection and refurbishment or replacement if necessary

Be sure to conduct these checks every time when using the equipment. Every six (6) months have them checked by ARC Industries.

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