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Aquatic Engineering Australia offers waste water treatment products and services

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Aquatic Engineering Australia  offers products under various categories like chemicals, equipment turnkey plants and so on.

The products under Equipment Turnkey plants include dissolved air flotation (DAF), clarifiers and thickeners, oil and solid separators, screens, bulk chemical stores, sludge dewatering, filter press, belt press and gravity filters.

Chemical storage, preparation and dosing equipment category of Aquatic Engineering Australia cover flocculant powder and liquid, PAC, lime and soda ash.

Under Chemicals category, the products supplied by Aquatic Engineering Australia includes coagulants, flocculants, one shot treatments, emulsion breakers, antifoams, odour control agents, water treatment commodity products and biological treatment.

Services offered by Aquatic Engineering Australia are routine services and maintenance, repairs, technical - laboratory, engineering, chemical, process, training- process, OH&S, chemical, handling, audits/surveys and chemical cleaning.

Other services offered by Aquatic Engineering Australia include improving and refining existing systems, operator training, meeting client objectives, reducing overall process costs, reducing sludge volume, simplifying chemical program, reducing chemical inventory, ongoing product and technical support and consultancy services.

Aquatic Engineering Australia serves various industries such as aircraft and automotive

canneries, chemical processing, chemical manufacture, container, tanker and drum washing industries, dairies, egg processing, prepared foods, wool scour, feather processing, fruit juice, oil refining, seafood, pulp and paper, research, ceramics, construction, wineries and many more industries.

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