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Municipal sewage treatment services and equipment offered by Aquatec-Maxcon

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Aquatec-Maxcon  offers municipal sewage treatment services. In developing as well as in developed countries, the release of industrial and human wastes into coastal or inland waterways causes contamination and in several cases creates a serious health threat.

Wastewater treatment systems are now offered which help to get rid of most of the pollutants ahead of their receiving waters. This makes the water fit for use again.

Aquatec-Maxcon is at the front position of wastewater treatment technology and provides all the items required for the different treatment systems in use. Aquatec-Maxcon also distributes inclusive packaged treatment plants as well as takes responsibility for 'Build Own Operate (BOO)' design and construct or 'Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) systems with performance assurance.

Aquatec-Maxcon products present equipment at the leading edge of expertise for water treatment applications. Services or products necessary for oxidation, separation, disinfection, advanced oxidation, aeration, filtration, water re-use and de-ionisation are offered by Aquatec-Maxcon.

Aquatec-Maxcon also promises to service requirements of customers by offering those products that are of exceptional quality. Product advice of Aquatec-Maxcon is offered along with working drawings and technical specification for system design applications.

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