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ASSET Performance Tools (Aptools) software is now available through Sydney based Apt Group . The UK developed Aptools is a flexible software tool that helps asset managers plan optimum maintenance strategies for all types of assets. The software provides solutions based on fact and scientific calculation rather than subjective judgement.

The software optimises the associated costs and risks of asset management using incomplete data if necessary. Range-estimates can be used to test data sensitivity.

The system has the versatility to cope with any individual maintenance task or as a 'bundle' of activities. Aptools can used as a stand-alone system or form part of a company’s ERP system.

The Aptools modules comprise the Apt-Lifespan, Apt-Project, Apt-Maintenance, Apt-Inspection, Apt-Schedule and Apt-Spares and Stock.

Apt-Lifespan determines the best life cycle for assets, justifies costs and benefits of alternative replacement, refurbishment and maintenance options.

Apt-Project determines the variability of projects, the cost/benefit/risk screening and prioritising of proposals, modifications, projects, safety, process or procedure changes.

Apt-Maintenance calculates maintenance intervals, deterioration management, reliability, performance and lifespan.

Apt-Inspection calculates the best inspection, monitoring or test intervals and quantifies the economics of risk-based inspection methods.

Apt-Schedule optimises work content planning, shutdown scheduling frequencies, identifies cost/risk/performance plus impact and analysis of shuts, repairs and construction.

Apt-Spares and Stock justifies min/max levels, re-orders and compares vendors plus evaluates pooling options.

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