Measurement Specialties Pressure Sensors - 82U

Measurement Specialties Pressure Sensors - 82U
Type: Absolute
Operating Temperature: -40 – 125 Degree Celsius
Max PSI: 500
O-Ring: Yes
Supply voltage: 1.5mA
Welds: No
Heavy Industrial CE Approval: No
CE Compliance: No
Applications: Medical Instruments, Process Control, Fresh & Waste Water Measurements, Partial Vacuum Gas Measurement, Pressure Transmitters, Tank Level Systems (RV & Industrial)
The 82 series is a 19mm small profile, media compatible, piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor packaged in a 316L stainless steel housing.

About Applied Measurement Australia

Since 1976 Applied Measurement has focused on providing high quality products and services for engineered measurement, and industrial automation applications. Typically this has involved pressure, force, torque, position, strain, acceleration and inertial sensing. In addition to sales, services include design, testing and calibration. Applied Measurement’s product portfolio includes an enviable range of international brands as well as in-house manufactured products which are both sold locally and exported. ... more info

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