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Luminescene, Colour, Gloss and Laser Sensors from Applied Measurement Australia

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Sensor Instruments are the manufacturers of non contact laser and optical sensors for the applications of Fluorescence, Diameter, Thickness, Colour, Distance, Reflection, Turbidity, Spectral Analysis, Quantification, Frequency, Contrast, Elongated, Gloss and Position.

LUMI Series - Luminescence Sensors
Luminescence sensors are applied where adhesives, sealing compounds, special liquids, or other materials are combined with fluorescent substances. When illuminated with UV-light, these fluorescent additives will light up and emit light in the visible spectrum (e.g. red, orange, yellow, green, blue). The output of the sensor provides an analog signal that informs about the intensity of the fluorescent colour. Furthermore, a switching signal is provided at the sensor connector and the UV transmission power can be adjusted by means of an integrated potentiometer.

  • LUMI-30 - 4 x UV LEDs, Typical working range of 20mm-80mm with a light spot diameter of 15mm at a distance of 30mm.
  • LUMI-20/90 - 8 x UV LEDs, Typical working range of 10mm-40mm with a light spot size of 80mmx10mm at a distance of 20mm. Diffused LED available.
SI-COLO Series - Colour Sensors
The colour sensors of SI-COLO Series operate according to the 3-color-range principle, with a white-light LED as a light source. Except of the sensors of SI-COLO1 series, the colour sensors can be parameterized under Windows® through the serial RS232 interface.
  • SI-COLO1 - Analog colour sensors with ring illumination or integrated optics, the 3 primary colours - Red, Green &Blue - each output as 0-10V analog signals.
  • SI-COLO2 - Colour sensors with integrated optics (reflected light operation), 8-bit A/D conversion, up to 15 colours can be taught with software COLOR2-Scope
  • SI-COLO3 - Colour sensors with ring illumination, integrated optics (reflected light operation), optical fibre or luminescence colour sensors,
    12-bit A/D conversion, up to 15 colours can be taught with software COLOR2-Scope
  • SI-COLO4 - Color sensors with ring illumination or optical fibre,12-bit A/D conversion, up to 31 colours can be taught with software COLOR3-Scope or COLOR4-Scope
  • SI-COLO84 - Sensor control unit for use with SI-COLO2-sensor frontend, 12-bit A/D conversion, up to 100 colours can be taught with software COLOR84-Scope
SPECTRO-3 Series – Human vision and recognition, but a thousand times faster
The SPECTRO-3 provides highly flexible signal acquisition. For example, the sensor can be operated in alternating-light mode (AC mode), which
makes the sensor insensitive to extraneous light. It also can be set to constant-light mode (DC mode), which makes the sensor extremely fast and allows
a scan-frequency of up to 35 kHz. The colour code is visualised by way of 5 yellow LEDs at the housing of the SPECTRO-3 colour sensor and is able to process a maximum of 31 colours.
  • SPECTRO-3-COF - Confocal Sensors for high speed colour detection of small objects. 
  • SPECTRO-3-DIL - Diffused Illumination for colour inspection of structured and inhomogeneous surfaces.
  • SPECTRO-3-DIF - Diffuser for reduction of gloss due to diffuse illumination.
  • SPECTRO-3-FCL - For reliable high speed colour detection at a large distance, up to 500mm.
  • SPECTRO-3-POL - Polarisation Filter for colour inspection of glossy objects.
  • SPECTRO-3-UV - UV LED for quick colour detection of fluorescent objects.
  • SPECTRO-3-FIO - For use with fibre optics and optical front end systems. Provides colour control even at difficult tasks through flexible integration.

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