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Environmental, quality and occupational safety policies from APMS Group

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APMS Group provides exotic metals fabrication and construction solutions. APMS Group offers site specialised and innovative welding techniques that are safe and reliable. APMS Group also offer titanium fabrication components. Valuable solutions and services by APMS Group include exotic materials, construction management, project management services, mechanical and piping services, quality and safety management, fabrication and installation services.

APMS Group offers products and services to power generation, oil and gas, marine and mining industries. APMS Group is specialised in welding exotic, stainless steel and titanium materials. APMS Group carry out installation and welding of steel fabrications. APMS Group also provide repair and maintenance of equipment and plant including welding, machining and fabrication. APMS Group also provide environmental management, quality and safety management services.

APMS Group through environmental policies offers resources and funding and improves environmental performance. Quality and safety management system maintains safe work environment, reduces the waste, and provides profitable returns to its customers. Occupational safety and health regulations are developed based on AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2000 accreditation. Regular assessments on safety management systems are conducted by APMS Group to ensure occupational safety and health regulations.

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