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Stud welding supplies
Antec Engineering has acquired the Epitech stud welding business which manufactures and distributes a range of welding products including:
  • ArcFix Stud Welding
  • HBS
  • Hilbig
  • AVT Anti-Wearing Technology
  • Koco
Stud welding is suitable for almost any type of fasteners/studs, as long as these are made of weldable materials and one end of the fastener must be designed for welding. 

Stud welding is when a controlled electric arc is used to melt the end of the stud/electrode and a portion of the base metal. 

Economic fastening for components
Other benefits of this welding process includes:
  • All types of conventional DC welding machines can be used
  • Special power units designed specifically for stud welding are also available
  • No drilling, threading, gluing, punching, riveting, screwing and finishing
  • Has no reverse side markings
  • Studs are threaded studs
  • Studs come in diameters from 3mm to 24mm
  • New design potentials- low distortion
  • No leaking
  • Different materials can be joined
  • Thin plates can be welded
  • Fast welding time (1msec-1.5 sec)- greater productivity
Drawn Arc Stud Welding
  • Suitable for welding on thicker plates of 2mm and above
  • Ideal applications steel construction, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, structural and civil engineering, power plants and combustion systems, boiler and plant equipment, insulation and window construction
Antec Engineering also create a range of fastener products for the railway industry and electrical power throughout Australian and New Zealand.
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