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Ansell’s signature range of gloves provides high quality, superior performance and state-of-the-art comfort and fit. 

Ansell Innovation Platforms 
Comfort enables workers with ultimate positive sensory wearing experience through glove fit, form and function.

Performance enables workers to execute tasks more efficiently and effectively and with greater speed, agility and quality.

Protection shield workers from exposures, injuries or damage caused by their environment, industrial materials and equipment. 

Innovative Protective Gloves
Ansell’s signature range provides comfortable, high performance and superior protection for use in a wide range of applications in the automotive, mining, manufacture and medical industry. 

HyFlex® 11-840 
Industrial gloves are constructed from FORTIX advanced abrasion coating for superior grip, durability and versatility when handling small and oily components. Form fitting design moulds to the hand for increased tactility and freedom of movement while still providing 20% more breathability than the HyFlex®  11-800. HyFlex® 11-840 gloves provide EN388 Level 2 Cut Protection when handling dry or slightly oily parts in mechanical applications, maintenance and packing purposes. 

HyFlex® 11-818 
Designed with an ultra-thin palm coating for a bare-hand feel enables the user with greater flexibility, freedom of movement and superior comfort. The gloves contain Ansell FORTIX™ technology, a patent-pending nitrile foam coating, which offers extra grip and EN 388 4121 Level 4 Abrasion Resistance without compromising the breathability of the glove. The HyFlex® 11-818 gloves provides superior protection when assembling dry parts, screwing and unscrewing nuts/bolts and handling in ultra-fine mechanical applications.

HyFlex® 11-927
 Provide high cut resistance and protection, repellence and grip when handling oily components for superior performance in oily environments. The Ansell Grip™ Technology ensures secure glove and surface contact whilst the liquid repellent technology allows oil repellence, without making the glove too rigid or uncomfortable. The HyFlex® 11-927 glove provides superior protection when assembling engines, handling sharp components coated in oil or grease and metal work. 

AlphaTec® 58-330/335 
Constructed with the AquaDri™ glove lining which has 11x more moisture absorption than traditional cotton-flocked linings. The nitrile coating offers premium protection when handling chemicals in wet and dry environments to prevent snags, punctures and abrasions. AlphaTec® 58-330/335 glove offers superior protection when working with petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machinery and oil.

ActivArmr® Medium Duty Hi-Viz™ Glove 97-013 
Constructed with a highly reflective back to keep workers safe in low-visibility environments. The Techcor® liner provides enhanced cut and abrasion protection whilst still providing superior breathability and comfort even after hours of wear compared to traditional leather gloves. The gloves provide superior grip in wet and dry applications such as operating heavy machinery, carpentry applications, maintenance and repair service and cutting machinery that requires enhanced level of cut protection. 

Ansell Signature Range is suitable for use in a range of industries

  • Automotive & Auto OEM
  • Electrical Machinery
  • Maintenance
  • Chemical/Refineries
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Petroleum/ Chemical
  • Transport and Aerospace
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Structural Component Production
  • Warehousing and supply

Ansell’s signature range of gloves provides high quality, superior performance, and protection and state-of-the-art comfort and fit for the manufacturing, mining, pharmaceutical and automotive industry. 

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