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Multigas emission monitoring system

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ENVIRONMENT SA, providing monitoring solutions for industrial environments, has introduced the MIR FT, a Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy based multigas emission monitoring system, now available from Anri Instruments .

The MIR FT measures continuously a large number of combustion gases by extraction: HCl, SO2, NO, NO2, N20, CO, CO2, CH4, HC, TOC, NH3, HF, and H2O.

The Fourier transformation analysis combines a large number of measured gases with high accuracy and selectivity. The MIR FT was designed for measurements in wet and corrosive gas streams.

The water-soluble components are very accurately measured even within low concentrations thanks to a heated sampling system that keeps the sample at 180°C from the sampling point to the measuring unit. MIR FT is rugged and insensitive to vibrations.

With excellent calibration stability, the MIR FT gives fast and simultaneous measurements of all compounds. It is the most powerful spectroscopic measurement method available on the market.

Applications include municipal, industrial, and hospital waste incinerators, cement kilns, pulp & paper, DeNOx, glass plants, unburned and motor gases, and many others.

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