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Anri Instruments and Controls offer a range of environmental, meteorological and botanical instrumentation such as data loggers and light sensors. These data loggers and light sensors help users produce and measure high quality environmental impact assessments such as soil moisture.

Environmental Light Sensors for measuring fluctuations in light levels
Skye Instruments Ltd Light Sensors from Anri Instruments and Controls are a high quality, accurate and reliable solution to measuring fluctuations in natural light levels. Light sensors effectively measure UV light, sunlight and are ideal for use in studying plant illumination.

The Skye Instruments Light Sensor range includes:
  • PAR Quantum Light Sensor (SKP 215)
  • PAR 'Special' Light Sensor (SKP 210)
  • Pyranometer (SKS 1110)
  • Energy Sensor (SKE 510)
  • Lux or Photopic Sensor (SKL 310)
  • UV Sensors
  • UVA (SKU 420)  UVB (SKU 430)
  • Sensors for the Hansatech Leaf Chamber (SKP 216)
  • Fibre Optic Probe (SKR 116)
Versatile data logging instruments
Skye Instruments design and manufacture a range of data loggers to suit a wide range of applications and environments. The DataHog range is also at the heart of the MiniMet weather station.
  • Versatile and can be used to log data from a variety of Skye Instruments Ltd sensors
  • Small and compact design
  • Battery powered with solar and mains power options
The range of data loggers from Skye Instruments includes:
  • DataHog2 Data Logger
  • Helios Data Logger
  • Helios HRT Data Logger
The impressive range of environmental light sensors and data logging equipment from Anri Instruments and Controls provide the ideal solution to your environmental impact assessment requirements.
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