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Odour control for landfill sites

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GASES released from municipal waste landfills have the potential to cause odours in neighbourhoods surrounding the landfill. Anotec Odour Control has an odour control solution for odours at landfill sites.

The household and commercial wastes brought to landfills decompose over time largely through the action of bacteria. This process produces odorous gases; the amount formed depends upon a variety of factors: nature and moisture content of the waste, amount of oxygen present, and temperature inside the landfill.

Less odorous gases can also be generated at landfills due to chemical reactions and due to the evaporation of chemicals put into the landfill. Any gases generated tend to rise through the landfill and reach the air above, although the rate at which this occurs is affected by landfill content and by the weather.

The amount of gases emitted will vary from landfill to landfill and will be different for a single landfill at different times (e.g., due to changing weather, changing landfill content).

Once emitted into the air, landfill gases are carried on surface level winds. While this dilutes the gases with fresh air, it can also move them into the community.

Naturally, wind speed and direction determine whether local residents will notice landfill odours so that the degree of the problem will vary greatly from day to day.

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