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New Anglomoil lubricant for rotary screw compressors is 96% biodegradable

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Anglomoil has introduced a new lubricant for rotary screw air compressors that offers a new standard of biodegradability.

The new Anglomoil BIOPAG CL 46 lubricant has shown up to 96 per cent biodegradability within 28 days of disposal with almost no traces left in the condensate.

Tests conducted on Anglomoil’s latest lubricant show that, unlike petroleum based fluids, traces of BIOPAG CL 46, which end up in compressor condensate in waste water sewage systems are broken down and transformed into harmless carbon dioxide, nitrogen, mineral salts and water.

The high biodegradability of Anglomoil BIOPAG CL 46 lubricant eliminates the need to use oil/water separators on equipment since the lubricating fluid can be safely removed along with the water. Unlike conventional hydrocarbon oils, it is non-varnishing and will not oxidate while also dissolving any varnish left behind by other lubricants.

The lubricant’s ‘green’ formulation is resistant to sludging; has non-foaming properties; offers a high viscosity index (173); and shows a higher flash point (271°C) and ignition point (388°C) than hydrocarbon fluids.

Anglo Design specialises in a wide range of high performance industrial and food grade lubricants, metalworking fluids and greases, diesel engine oils, petrol engine oils, gear oils, transmission fluids and hydraulic fluids.

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